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new to the stunties LJ groupie

hey ho, i thought i would join the stunt LJ group. It's about time there is one of these. So who here is a stunt girl/guy? and whats your skills list?

I've done:
  • window crash
  • deadman’s jerk and dynamic jerkline
  • stairfalls
  • rappelling in tactical, ranger and aussie styles
  • dust hits with barrel crashes, and
  • air ram.
However I'm most skilled in fights and hand to hand combat with a background in martial arts.

I have hopes to do some stunts in some race car movie coming up - but i haven't heard anything yet.....haha but yeah i love stunts - if you've the guts to take risks and want to see where your abilities are then its a fun little area to be. :D

So how about everyone else here? Fans? Other stunties?
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Hey, nice to meet ya :) welcome to the community! It's not very active, but you never know... Stuntie here *raises hand* in Australia - freezing cold at the moment so training's a bitch! I mostly post my stunt stories to my other journal, aussiestuntgirl - but every now and again i write stuff in my own LJ too. Feel free to friend both!! :)

hey you're another TKD martial artist i noticed whats your rank?

Australia, wicked the industry must be very different over there. Yeah i love training but it costs a lot - i just try to up my skills in every area and i enjoy what i do.

Yeah my stunt stories end up in my LJ too. It's a fun little journey of life i'd say.lol
yo feel free to friend me back :).

We should watch out for each other along the stuntie road lol.