Li (earthensky) wrote in stunties,

Stuntman Killed On John Woo Film

Stuntman Killed On John Woo Film
10 June 2008 4:51 AM, PDT

A stuntman has been killed on the set of Face/Off director John Woo's latest film after a raging fire broke out during a crash scene.

Woo is currently making new movie Red Cliff in China with Lust, Caution star Tony Leung.

The crew were in the Chinese capital of Beijing on Monday filming a scene where two boats crash into one another.

The accident occurred when one of the vessels caught fire - killing 23-year-old stuntman Lu Yanqing and injuring three others.

Rescue teams believe the film team may have accidentally ignited gas cylinders aboard one of the boats, causing an explosion.

The epic film, about China's ancient kingdom, is set to be Asia's most expensive blockbuster to date - with a budget of $80 million (GBP40 million).
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