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my idea

Hey I thought I would post here to get all your thoughts on a new project.

I know http://www.stuntplayers.com/ exists but i don't find it user friendly.

I also have been following the media/etc for a while in the film/entertainment industry and I find that the people behind the scenes don't get enough attention for the amazing work which gets produced. With that in mind I'm considering about building a database/website to advertise/admire/promote the talents of the world from what happens behind the scenes. I'm probably going to start with Stunt men and Women, articles, photos/etc

I believe that if you have the talent and abilities to do something (I.E make a difference) then you should use them to do so - which is why with my background in web/graphics design and from working in the film industry - this could be a great chance to use everything I've learned to go a step further (as I once had in the past for advertising women in sport).

I don't think anyone has done something to this extreme before in the industry and if they have then maybe I just haven't noticed it yet - however I thought it would be a good idea to see what all your thoughts are as this community has a lot of stunties, maybe some professionals floating around and would have some good advice to drop.
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